Where does Fragola deliver?

Delivery is currently available across the Greater Toronto Area.

For delivery within the Greater Toronto Area, how does your package come and what are the costs?

Delivery within the GTA is free! Your package will arrive in box with a non-toxic biodegradable ice pack. Inside the box will be your food, individually packaged in tamper evident containers. This means that once a container is sealed in our kitchen, it will be locked until you open it. Each container will be individually labeled with an expiry date. Deliveries will arrive at your door by 5pm on the day of your delivery.

What if I'm not home when the food is delivered?

Not a problem! All Fragola’s packages are delivered with an ice pack in the centre of our box. Ice packs should keep food safe for quite a few hours. Please refrigerate as soon as possible when you arrive home and open the box.


What if I live in a condo or apartment?

We will happily leave your Fragola box with concierge or in the front lobby.

Will you deliver to my office or work?

If you'd like us to deliver to your office instead of your home, please let us know and we will make special arrangements.

Can I change my shipping address?

Yes, if you'd like to change your shipping address at any point please let us know. Fragola is happy to deliver anywhere within the GTA.

Can I keep the food unrefrigerated?

No, all our food is fresh organic food, there are absolutely no preservatives added therefor our food must be stored in the fridge.

How long is the food good for in the fridge?

Fragola’s food is good for 4 days in the fridge, that’s why delivery takes place twice per week. Each container is labeled with an expiry date and we suggest that you use it by that time.

Can I freeze my food?

Yes! You may freeze your food for up to 3 months from the best before date. Fragola’s containers are freezer safe.

Can I microwave my food?

Yes, Fragola’s containers are microwave safe.

Are the ice packs toxic or harmful?

Fragola uses ice packs that are 100% non-toxic water based and Canadian made.

How do I dispose of the ice packs?

You may return the ice packs to Fragola if you choose. Place the ice packs outside and when we drop off your next order, we will take them with us. If you wish to dispose of the icepacks, you can cut them open, drain the gel into your garden (it is biodegradable) and toss the bag into the recycling bin. Fragola’s ice packs are also re-usable, so you can keep them and re-use. The choice is up to you!