How It Works TESTING

Step 1: Choose package type
You choose from Fragola’s different package options. Fragola offers a simple puree starter pack for introduction to food, which contain one pureed ingredient per container.  Our next step is our very pureed, chunkier blend, or chopped, we recommend that you start your babe in that order. Our meal plans change each week and are derived from our larger menu of over 60+ items. Each meal is full of organic nutritious goodness. Our meals are a well-balanced array of fruits, veggies, meats, seafood, whole grains, spices, seeds and herbs. 







 Step 2: Choose texture

You will choose your preference in texture of the food, meal package and we will get to cooking! Your package will arrive at your door once or twice per week depending on your plan, Tuesdays and/or Fridays before 5pm. You will have the option to place one order or subscribe to our weekly plan. Your package will arrive in our Fragola box, in tamper evident containers with a non-toxic ice pack to ensure freshness and safety of the food. There are no hidden fees, no commitments and delivery is included in our price. 








Simple Purees Training Package


You will receive 12 containers of an array of

single ingredient fruits and veggies.


Very Pureed,  Chunkier Blend or, Chopped 


You will receive 12 containers once per week 


You will receive 24 containers twice per week


                                       Snack Add On's                                         

You may add snacks to any of your orders.

Fragola’s add on snacks are priced individually.



Organic natural baby foodBaby Food Subscription Box

Organic natural baby foodOrganic natural baby food subscription box