How It Works

You may choose any meals from the week’s menu to fill your box. You may add up to 12 containers per box.

Boxes of single ingredient simple purees are $55
per box Boxes of multiple ingredient meals are $75
per box Mixed boxes are $75 per box

Place a one time order OR subscribe for weekly deliveries.

Choose the quantity that suits your lifestyle. Fragola food is good in the fridge for up to 5 days and is freezer safe for 3 months. Order more boxes at once and “poof” see the savings (maybe a cute little poof or firework icon here”

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“Did you know your little one can be introduced to all of our ingredients as soon as they start solids, yup that’s right! All of our ingredients and recipes are approved by our in-house paediatric nutritionist who has worked with some of the top hospitals and universities (including Boston Children’s Hospital and Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital). So you can feed your baby worry free! “

Typically feeding solids start’s between 4-6 months, our meal plans are suitable and approved by our team of experts for any babe starting solids. At Fragola our philosophy is “do what you’re comfortable with", all of our meal plans are 100% safe to start as soon as your little one is eating and enjoying solids comfortably, but do what you’re comfortable with! There is no special order to introduce new foods to your babe. All babe’s are different!


"Our momsTo community raves about Fragola. One mom remarked recently that it was the first time her daughter finished an entire baby container, she loved the flavours so much!"