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Where does Fragola deliver, what are the costs?

What if I’m not home when the food is delivered?

What if I live in a condo or apartment and am not home?

Will you deliver to my office or work?

My little one is staying with a caregiver while we’re out of town, will you deliver to them as a one off?

When does Fragola deliver?

Our meals

How is our food different from grocery store brands?

How do I tell if my baby is ready for the next step?

What ages are our meals intended for?

Can I pick and choose my favourite meals?

Why does Fragola food need to be refrigerated?

When should I start feeding my baby solids?

Why does my Fragola meal look different from the last time I received it?

How much should my baby eat? What if my meal plan isn’t enough?

Do the meals contain nuts?

Do you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Do you offer vegan and/or gluten free options?

What if my babe doesn’t like a certain food or recipe?

How do I know when my baby is ready for the next step in texture?


How is the food packaged?

How big are the containers?

Are your containers microwave safe?

Do I keep or dispose of the containers?

Do I keep or dispose of the ice packs?

Do we offer baby food pouches?

Special Offers

Does Fragola offer discounts for twins, triplets or families with multiples?

Does Fragola offer discounts or special packages for daycares and facilities?