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Where does Fragola deliver?

Can Fragola deliver outside the delivery areas?

How does Fragola's package come and what are the costs?

What if I'm not home when the food is delivered?

What if I live in a condo or apartment and am not home?

Can I change my shipping address?

Will you deliver to my office or work?

When does Fragola deliver?

Our meals

Can I keep the food unrefrigerated?

How long is the food good for in the fridge?

Can I freeze my food?

Can I microwave my food?

Are the ice packs toxic or harmful?

How do I dispose of the ice packs?

How do I dispose of the containers?

How big is each container?

Why does my meal look different from the last time I received it?

How is our food prepared? Why is our food different from brands in grocery stores?

Does my food contain nuts?

Do you accommodate dietary restrictions?

What if I don't want my baby to eat meat or fish?

What kind of ingredients are used?

Should my baby consume the food in any particular order?

What food do you suggest to start my baby on and at what age?

What if my baby doesn't like a particular food, what should I do?

What if my baby eats more than the 24 meals provided for the week?

What do I do when I want my baby to go to the next step of thickness of food?

How do I tell if my baby is ready for the next step?


How do I manage/cancel my subscription?

How many days in advance do I have to place my order?

What If I'd like to order more than one package at a time?

Special Offers

Does Fragola offer discounts for twins, triplets or families with multiples?

Does Fragola offer discounts or special packages for daycares and facilities?