Fragola’s in-house paediatric nutritionist has worked with some of the top children’s hospitals in North America. Combined with the experts of Team Fragola. Feed your babe worry free!

Food Before 1

Isn't Just For Fun.


Sleep Health


Fine Motor Skills

Brain Development

Bone and Muscle Growth


Essential Nutrients Such As Iron, Vitamins & Proteins

Help Build Their Muscles During The Day

As Well As Promote Better Sleep At Night


Grocery Store Baby Food Is Still Shelf-Stable, Highly Processed,

High In Sugar And Low In Nutrition.

We just, can’t even 😱

Yes, even the organic ones in pretty packaging.


De-Bunking The 3 Day Rule (Myth)

After extensive research we believe the sooner you introduce foods to your little ones, the less likely they are to develop allergies, intolerances and be picky eaters.

All of our ingredients are not only safe for beginner eaters, but very important nutrients for their growth!

Everything your babe eats during this time is shaping their bodies, brains and even their food preferences. Let us do the thinking, we know a thing or two.

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