Frequently Asked Questions

Introduce Solid Food to a Baby

When is to start solid food for a baby?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says you can start your child on solids between 4 and 6 months, yet the answer really depends on your baby. Meanwhile, here are some signs that your little one may be ready for baby food:

  • They can sit upright and hold up their head.
  • They are curious, looking at everything around them—especially what you're eating!
  • Opens the mouth when food is offered
  • They lost the tongue thrust reflex that automatically pushes food out of their mouth.
  • Swallows food rather than pushes it back out onto the chin.
  • Brings objects to the mouth.
  • Tries to grasp small objects, such as toys or food.

If your baby does not seem ready to eat yet, that's OK. Remember that there's no need to rush this milestone. In fact, it's typically better to wait than to start early (experts say that you shouldn't start solids before 4 months). Most babies are ready to start solids between 5 and 6 months.

What ages our Fragola meals intended for?

Typically feeding solids start’s between 4-6 months, our meal plans are suitable and approved by our team of experts for any babe starting solids. At Fragola our philosophy is “do what you’re comfortable with", all of our meal plans are 100% safe to start as soon as your little one is eating and enjoying solids comfortably, but do what you’re comfortable with! There is no special order to introduce new foods to your babe. All babe’s are different!

I am just starting my baby on solid foods. How often should I feed them?

We recommend feeding them as often as you feel comfortable / works with your schedule. If feeding them 3 times a day works for you, go for it! If you can only feed them solids twice in a day in the beginning - That’s okay too!  

My baby is just starting to transition to solids. How can I work in introducing solids while I am still breastfeeding/bottle-feeding them?

We find that the best time to give a baby food is about 30-45 minutes before they would normally breastfeed/take a bottle. This way they are hungry, but they're not quite at the point where they are crying because they are so hungry. Try to avoid introducing your baby to foods after they've just breastfed / had a bottle. Since they just ate, they will likely be uninterested in trying solid foods.

Which texture is to begin with?

Typically begins from Very Pureed texture of Fragola food items. The Fragola baby food is carefully tuned with pleasant flavors and textures, yet sometimes, if it is needed, might mix with breastmilk, formula or water to make an appropriate consistency that fit for your baby.

What is the serving portion? How much does a baby eat?

Start with small amounts of new solid foods — a teaspoon at first and slowly increase to a tablespoon, along with the baby eating more and developing, increase the portion. Avoiding offering breast-milk or bottle until after the solid food experience has wound down.

How to feed your baby?

To introduce solid foods in a calm feeding environment where the baby is sitting upright and is appropriately supported and moderately hungry.

To feed the food with a little spoon. Your baby needs to learn to eat from a spoon. Don't use an infant feeder. Only formula and water should go into the bottle.

How do I know when my baby is ready for the next step in texture?

Every baby is different and you know your baby better than anyone so the best time to move up in texture is when you feel your little one is ready to explore their food a little more. If you’re unsure, consult your paediatrician.

Are the varieties of the food items good for the baby?

Don't limit your baby's food choices to the ones you like. Offering a wide variety of foods early will pave the way for good eating habits later.

Fragola Baby and Toddler Food

Can I keep the food unrefrigerated?

No, all our food is fresh organic food, there are absolutely no preservatives added therefore our food must be stored in the fridge.

How long is the food good for in the fridge?

We suggest that the meats and seafood are consumed sooner than the fruits and veggies. Fragola’s food is all labeled with a best before date on each container. Fragola food is fridge safe for up to 6 days and freezer safe for 3 months.

Can I freeze my food?

Yes! You may freeze your food for up to 3 months follow the best before date. Freeze the food before the fresh food best before date, better the earlier if you know the food cannot be consumed before the fresh food best before date. Fragola’s containers are freezer safe.

Can I microwave my food?

Yes, Fragola’s containers are microwave safe.

How does the food stay fresh in transit?

Meals are transported in tamper evident individual containers in temperature-controlled boxes using thermal-liners made, as well as our ice packs that are non-toxic, biodegradable and reusable.

How big is each container?

Each one of Fragola’s containers is 4oz.

The net weight of each container is from 100g-120g depends on the recipes

What are Fragola jars made of?

We use a food grade plastic container because of the risk that glass poses in transit. We feel safer knowing that if our package gets tossed in transit that your baby won’t be at risk. Lastly, our jars are reusable, recyclable, and freezer safe.

How do I know which nutrients my baby needs and when?

Leave that to us! This is our jam!

My paediatrician recommended the 3-Day Rule for introducing solids to my babe. Does Fragola make sense for my babe?

Some paediatricians recommend the 3-day rule for introducing new foods. While that is definitely one way that you can introduce foods to your little one, it's not the only option. At Fragola, we like to encourage more variety and more frequent exposure to new foods. The reason some paediatricians encourage the 3 - day rule is because of potential allergic reactions. However, we believe at the sooner you introduce these foods, the less likely your babe is to develop an allergy.

Why is nutrition so important now for my babe?

The first 1000 days babies bodies are rapidly growing and developing so much! Knowing this time period is so important, we have created thoughtfully balanced nutrient rich meals for your babe.

Are your meals low in added sugar?

Yes! We don't add any sugar to our jars so the sugar content you see is all natural sugar from the fresh fruits and vegetables we use.

What if my baby doesn't like a particular food, what should I do?

If your baby is not fond of one particular taste, we suggest that you try a little bit every day for a fair amount of time. Most likely, your baby's palate will adapt and expand to new foods. It is very common that when new foods are introduced to a baby, they are a bit leery, so keep a positive mind and don't give up just yet!

How to handle the food box at receiving?

Upon the food box arrival, the food itself is fresh, cold and flowy in the sealed containers. The ice pack maybe a bit soft or is still hard depend on the time lasted, it is packed in the insulated box.

All right, the food containers are to keep refrigerated, if the food can be consumed before the Best Before date of the fresh food. For the babies who are solid food starters, they only begin to eat a little spoon or less at the time, the 12 containers will not be eaten up before the fresh food Best Before date, then it is safe to freeze up the rest of containers. The food is safe for 3 months in frozen.

The box, insulation liners are recyclable.

Are the ice packs toxic or harmful?

No. Fragola uses ice packs that are 100% non-toxic water based and Canadian made. Plastic bag is recyclable.

How do I dispose of the ice packs?

The ice pack is made with non-toxic material, and the plastic bag is recyclable. Empty the liquid to the waste and recycle the plastic bag. In addition, the ice pack is re-usable. Only through a simple circle: freeze it up – use it to maintain cool – freeze it up.

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First time customer

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Now, you have the account.

Returning Customer

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2. Click order on the header, or Order Now on the Homepage. It will lead you to the order page

3. Click on Subscribe, it will open the Weekly Meal Plan page.  

4. Click on Select Choice , the following is on the view

5, Do the selections, until the 0 selections remaining, proceed to checkout. Follow the instruction enter the information as needed.

Now, you placed the order and have a weekly meal plan subscription. The subscription begins on this date and will re-occur every one week.

Re-occurring orders

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Now your weekly order will be placed on the date as showing.


1.      Choose to place an order on different date. Repeat the steps as part 2. Another subscription is set up, and begins on the date the order is placed.If you don’t want to keep two subscriptions, then need to cancel another one.


When does Fragola deliver?

Fragola delivers each week based on the weekly menu.
Scheduled delivery is once per week on Fridays.

Where does Fragola deliver?

Delivery is available throughout all of Canada.

What if I'm not home when the food is delivered?

Not a problem! All of Fragola’s packages are delivered in insulated boxes with an ice pack in the center of our box. Please refrigerate as soon as possible when you arrive home and open the box.

How does Fragola's package come and what are the costs?

Delivery is FREE for locals, there is a small cost for other areas

Your package will arrive in an insulated Fragola box with a non-toxic biodegradable ice pack. Inside the box will be your food in individually packaged tamper evident containers. This means that once a container is sealed in our kitchen, it will be locked until you open it.

Each container will be individually labeled with ingredients and best before date. Deliveries will arrive at your door by 7pm on the day of your delivery.