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We are all erring on the side of caution during this period of time. Lots of families are not as fortunate as others to be able to have the funds to stock up on food and other supplies. In addition to that, stock in many places are depleted and families are asked to stay indoors. We at Fragola have started a program for families to send their stories and to get out as many free boxes of baby and toddler food as we possible can cross Canada!

We have received thousands of messages, all heartfelt stories. We want to help everyone and we will continue to send our free boxes each week! 

That being said , if you’d like to contribute and donate to a mom in need of feeding her babe during this pandemic, you can purchase a gift card, let us know and we will connect it with a mom in need! We will share her story with you, but keep her identity private.

 We are absolutely blown away by the people who are kindly willing to get involved and send baby food to a complete stranger who may even be all the way across the country from you! Our hearts are full and hopefully we can fill the tummies of many babies during this period of time where we all worry the unknown. ❣️🍓



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