I absolutely love Fragola.

Lyzabeth Lope  www.lyzabethlopez.com

Babes need experience eating different textures in order to become fully developed eaters! The key that Fragola points out, is to give them the tools they need!


I used Fragola when introducing my boys to solids and it was LIFE-CHANGING

Jessi Cruickshank - TV personality

My little one loves her Fragola food and it makes my life easier. Win, win for me!”

Danielle Graham - TV Host, Etalk

It’s great knowing that your little one is getting the best possible food. We love Fragola and recommend it to all of our community across Canada!

Kids & Company   www.kidsandcompany.com

When I was pregnant I thought I’d be the mom who made her own baby food. Well, that never happened. Thats why Fragola is so clutch. It’s freshly made, shipped right to your door. How easy is that?

Alicia Faith   www.aliciafaithoc.com

I love the variety of flavours and blends they have! My baby LOVES all of them ( especially the spinach/coconut milk one- yes spinach!). Besides the nutrients, flavours and the love that my baby has for the food...this mama LOVES the convenience and ease this has created for our household! Delivered to our door step and always on time ;)

Marisa Mercanti Blogger   www.thedaydreamdiaries.com

As a busy mom, trying to balance a freelance career in the TV industry, making healthy, balanced, organic meals for my kids isn't always doable. I'm so grateful that Fragola is an option. Knowing that my baby and toddler are getting diverse, nutritious meals (that I don't have to cook!!!!!) is one of the best gifts I could ever receive. So thank you to Fragola for coming up with such a great product and service for busy parents.

Angie Campanelli - TV Producer